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As academic libraries move toward the model of the information commons – a place where users can expect support in finding, interpreting, creating, and communicating information – it increasingly makes sense for university writing centers to have a more prominent presence within the library. But collaboration between libraries and writing centers promises more than just “one-stop shopping” for students as they write their papers. Working together can also provide both libraries and writing centers new opportunities to promote their services to students and faculty.

In order for such collaborations to move forward, libraries and writing centers need to acknowledge the similarities and differences in the work they do with students, specifically in such areas of concern as: student research, plagiarism and citation issues especially with regard to international students or English Language Learners.

During our session, participants will have the opportunity to hear about the panel’s experiences, learn about the many connections between writing centers and libraries, discover ways that libraries can collaborate with writing centers and address the pitfalls and considerations associated with these partnerships.