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Incorporating information literacy skills and competencies into the curriculum requires collaborative partnerships with the library faculty and the academic faculty with whom they work. At Northern Kentucky University’s Steely Library, a non-tenure track faculty position was created to serve in a dual role as a member of the Information Literacy faculty in the library and a member of the faculty in the University’s Professional and Organizational Development Center (POD). This dual role allows for the librarian to gain valuable insight to faculty needs while serving as a faculty member of the POD. Giving teaching faculty the opportunity to encounter the concept of information literacy in a variety of contexts, allows them to become more interested and open to exploring how it can enhance their teaching and student learning. Areas in which the library can enhance faculty understanding and incorporation of the library’s information literacy curriculum are more easily recognized with the librarian embedded into the POD. Targeted and specific information literacy tools such as tutorials, web pages, and blackboard courses are developed and promoted via the POD. The library's information literacy initiatives are marketed via the POD, therefore increasing the library presence among academic faculty. As a member of the library’s Information Literacy and Instruction Team, the librarian is able to report findings from POD activities and use this information to increase the success of the library’s information literacy and instruction programs. This presentation will outline the strategies of this collaborative partnership and describe how it has impacted the integration of information literacy skills into the curriculum.