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The discussion will focus on collaborations with campus student academic support services (SASS) -- programs that are funded and staffed to provide academic support to students -- to enable librarians to reach diverse student audiences. As campus resources diminish and workloads increase, collaborative partnerships are essential to continue to reach diverse student constituencies. Such collaborations add value to librarians' work by reading audiences that would otherwise be difficult to attract through traditional library programming channels or venues. In turn, SASS programs are enhanced with the participation of a librarian who can provide expertise in library research skills. These kinds of collaborative efforts may result in long-standing partnerships offering librarians the opportunity to move beyond the general library tours and orientations currently offered to provide more effective, engaging, and relevant library classes. The results not only serve to benefit the intended audiences, but help in the overall evolution of library instruction programs. Through problem solving activities and examples from the University of California, Santa Cruz, participants will learn about a variety of outreach services to offer.