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For many academic libraries, the library instruction session (or sessions), whether delivered on demand or integrated into strategically targeted courses, is still the cornerstone, the basic unit, of our information literacy programs. Within these programs the instructional role of the librarian often remains limited to that of “guest lecturer.” By rethinking this role and repositioning ourselves as consultants in assignment design, librarians can contribute to an array of deliverables more closely aligned with course goals and sharply honed to improve learning outcomes.

With examples drawn from a multi-disciplinary selection of courses, this session will focus on the process and products of assignment consultancy in the context of the presenter’s experience with UC Berkeley’s Mellon funded project, “Library/Faculty Fellows for Undergraduate Research.” Conceived as part of the University’s effort to incorporate more research-based learning across the undergraduate curriculum, the Mellon Project also represents an alternative model of information literacy integration that, while not entirely without precedent, has received little attention in the literature.