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This Breakout Session discussion will examine the current status of Information Literacy (IL) as currently evolving between Washington State Community Colleges and Baccalaureate Institutions.

The impetus for this discussion arose through a joint American College & Research Library (ACRL) Information Literacy Workshop between Washington State Community and Baccalaureate Institutions. This effort has recently been updated from allowing students to carry across the traditional 90 credits up to a maximum of 105 credits to the new institution.

Some questions that arise include: to what level are community college students being introduced to varying levels of IL over or to the exclusion of students anticipating to exit the educational system with an AA.

At the baccalaureate level some questions, which arise, including: how these institutions have accommodated to the new level of credits being transferred at the upper division levels; how programs have dealt with students arriving with varying levels of IL skills; and finally what methods exist to track student achievement throughout their remaining academic careers.

Both institutions are also confronted with the need to assess the levels of IL that are being presented to students. These programs and departments are confronted with the need to gather pertinent data on student achievement in these assessments.

From an institutional standpoint that includes either freestanding IL programs originating from Libraries or writing/research intensive courses that include the tools of measuring IL. Lastly, how and to what level are these expanding educational environments and experiences being captured and described for national/program specific assessment agencies.