LOEX Conference Proceedings 2009

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One of the biggest challenges in library instruction today is engaging students in the one-shot library instruction setting. Students are bored, incommunicative and motivating them to participate proves difficult. These challenges with students beg the question: how do we initiate and maintain student engagement in the one-shot library instruction?

Our approach is a simple one: let the students set the learning agenda.

This presentation will address how librarians can partner with students during the library instruction session to chart a unique and customized path towards learning. The presenters will demonstrate their method of letting students set the agenda that identifies their own learning outcomes thus facilitating a collaborative classroom environment that the students both enjoy and participate in.

The theoretical rationale for this method, active learning exercises that compliment this technique, and tips for those wanting to try it will also be included, as well as sharing data from over 2 years of student-set agendas to show trends that have emerged.