LOEX Conference Proceedings 2009

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From Covered Wagon to the Railroad

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Duke University librarians have collaborated with Instructional Technology staff to integrate subject-specific library resources into Blackboard, the university’s course management system. What began as a manual process on a small scale has grown to an automated process in which every course offered at Duke is linked to a subject-specific LibGuide developed by a subject specialist or instruction librarian. Guides may include instructional tutorials on using Duke’s databases, tips for conducting subject-specific searches and librarians’ contact information. Success of the project has been assessed through student surveys, faculty interviews and focus groups; feedback from students, faculty and librarians alike has been overwhelmingly positive.

This presentation will detail the collaborative efforts of Duke University librarians, Center for Instructional Technology applications staff and Systems support staff that have enabled Duke’s librarians to establish an instructional presence in virtually every course site at Duke. This has led to increased – and richer – online and in-person instructional opportunities and interactions with students and faculty.

This session will include the history of project, the role it plays in instruction at Duke, assessment measures used, and a brief overview of the technical components necessary for automation. There will also be time for audience members to share their experiences integrating library resources into their institutions' course management systems.