LOEX Conference Proceedings 2010

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Skills/Knowledge: The skills that will be discussed in this presentation are how to use Clicker technology in the classroom. The presenter will give examples of how instructors use Clickers at Hunter College. She will also demonstrate how she successfully used Clickers in her Library 100 one-credit course. She will present research detailing how other colleges have used Clickers in the classroom and the effectiveness of active learning techniques. Then she will give a demonstration using Clickers, which will consist of a mock-class. The participants will be the students in this workshop, and the presenter will teach a session using a pre-test to determine how much information the participants learned from the session.

Participant Outcomes: By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

-Discover Clicker technology, specifically its uses and learning benefits

-Learn how to set-up the equipment and design an effective presentation

-Hear more about how other academic institutions use Clickers and what the learning outcomes have been

-Hear student feedback about their experiences using Clickers in the Library 100 course the presenter taught

-Understand the benefits of active learning using different presentation tools

Participants: The intended audience for this presentation will be:

-Educators who are interested in incorporating more technology in the classroom

-Individuals who conduct training sessions and want a more hands-on approach

-Individuals interested in learning how to create effective Clicker presentations

-Information professionals interested in new technologies and their uses in an academic setting