LOEX Conference Proceedings 2010

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Bridges Near and Far: Forming Innovative Collaborations

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The initiative to form a working partnership with faculty began when the librarians in O'Kelly Library became acutely aware that our students' were not able to effectively access, evaluate and use information. After devoting years to marketing library services, teaching classes and acquiring new resources, there was little response from the faculty or students.

We asked the question, "What has to happen for us to be able to infuse information literacy into the curriculum and make it important and meaningful?"

This presentation is intended to show C. G. O'Kelly Library's efforts to embed information literacy into the curriculum by educating faculty to its relevance through the O'K Fellows Information Literacy Institute. We will explain why we decided to take the course of reaching out to collaborate with faculty, how we went about planning the program elements, what our experiences have been conducting the sessions, the outcomes so far, and what we expect the future holds.

The emphasis of the presentation will be on the actual program and the outcomes so interested participants will come away with an understanding of the program's success and ideas that are replicable for their own libraries. We will include a website with handouts that can be downloaded including program agendas, assignment templates, lists of faculty readings, presentations by librarians on topics such as plagiarism and creating effective library assignments, and faculty surveys.