LOEX Conference Proceedings 2011

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Internet Innovations: Tutorials, LibGuides and Everything Else

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This presentation will address the undeniable presence of instructional opportunities in reference interactions. From small teachable moments to impromptu instruction sessions at the reference desk, reference is instruction and virtual reference is no exception. In virtual reference exchanges, however, these moments can be far more challenging to harness and engage. Due to barriers of time, communication, and technology between librarian and patron, virtual reference interactions frequently must be approached differently than those occurring in person. The overarching challenge of providing visual demonstration during teachable moments of virtual reference interactions will be emphasized.

Despite the barriers between librarian and patron in virtual reference, increasingly flexible and free technologies make it easier than ever to employ instructional strategies in reference for users at a distance. This presentation will discuss how to liven and enhance both asynchronous and synchronous virtual reference experiences, while also accommodating a greater number of learning styles, by using on-the-fly screencasting, screen sharing, and web conferencing technologies. The presentation will utilize extensive visuals, demos of select tools, and questions to engage the audience.