LOEX Conference Proceedings 2012

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Since 2006, the University of Kansas Libraries has offered a traditional, one credit class on information literacy research methods. In 2010, librarians began the process of revising this classroom-based course for online delivery in the spring 2012 semester.

This presentation will walk attendees through the process of online course development of an information literacy class from its creation to completion. The presenters and co-instructors will discuss the shared responsibilities and challenges related to teaching an online course. The design of this online class will be broken down into different aspects related to development from a traditional library class course into an online only environment. The uses of instructional design concepts were an integral part of course development with the intention of enhancing student learning. The customization of learning objects was created using the SoftChalk software, online activities and video tutorials. The overall process of integrating these tools into the course management system, Blackboard, will also be detailed along with the challenges.

The use of learning objectives and course activities, in particular, were utilized to address and assess weekly course milestones and to introduce and reinforce ARCL Information Literacy Standards as well as the learning goals (critical thinking, active learning) promoted on our campus. The presenters will discuss the course development process which included feedback from colleagues and the use of the Quality Matters™ Rubric a tool selected over other available rubrics to shape and guide our curriculum.