LOEX Conference Proceedings 2012

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Combo Platter: Collaborating Across Campus and with Different Institutions

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Does a one-shot bibliographic instruction session really provide a foundation for undergraduate students’ research and information literacy skills? Or does this brief interaction leave students with the impression that research is easy? This session will explore the inner workings of a collaborative project between a librarian and an English Composition faculty member. This collaborative effort between librarian and faculty member includes: meeting to plan the semester’s research structure; the librarian’s introduction to the class and vice-versa; leading classroom discussions; team-teaching lessons; co-evaluating student assignments; individual conferences with students; attendance at presentations and essay workshops; and co-assessment of the students’ work and progress throughout the semester. While the librarian specializes in the mechanics of research, the faculty member focuses on helping students apply the research material. This joint effort produces several positive outcomes for students, most notably improved information literacy skills, heightened confidence in research skills, and high quality final projects. Participants will leave with ideas and best practices on effective collaboration with faculty designed to enhance student-centered learning.