LOEX Conference Proceedings 2012

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Entrees: Developing your Teachers and your Program

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Many educators, newbies and veterans alike, find themselves facing the same problems as their students; there is an overabundance of helpful information available, and getting started can be overwhelming and disorienting. In an effort to fill the need for constant professional development in the area of instruction, the University of Michigan Libraries have created the Instructor College. The Instructor College has attempted several versions of an institutionally-curated repository of resources to support library instruction.

This year the Instructor College Steering Committee is working with a School of Information University Library Associate to create a more flexible repository for these materials. In addition to including strong content such as visual teacher prep materials, scholarly articles, interesting handouts & lesson plans, and assessment ideas, this repository has many other features making the repository easy to use. Characteristics include the following features:

• a streamlined submission and retrieval interface

• categorical organization of materials in diverse formats

• custom tagging, user rating and reviewing

The Instructor College would like to present the pilot version of this repository at LOEX in order to receive feedback on the design and content. The planning and development behind the creation of Instructor College’s repository will be discussed in brief to illustrate the feasibility of implementation of similar systems at other institutions. We are also interested in generating interest within the library community in order to solicit librarian participation and to encourage the grassroots development of similar repositories at other libraries.