LOEX Conference Proceedings 2012

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Salads: Reaching Diverse Populations

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Offering library instruction to a class of over 200 may sound impossible -- or crazy -- but some library instruction recipes can be scaled up to serve a crowd. The presenters (a political science instructor and a librarian) embedded library activities on politics and the media by creating an online guide to help students find news and information on political campaigns and then evaluate that information. Students participated in class discussion and shared their findings and reflections through cellphone voting. In this session we’ll share our strategies and results, and invite the audience to participate with PollEverywhere!

At many institutions class sizes are growing, which can make active learning more difficult to plan and carry out. In addition to the pressures of larger classes, some librarians have more instruction demands than they can handle. If that sounds familiar, then this session is for you. We will present a model for delivering library instruction to many students at once, which can be both efficient and effective. In our presentation we will share strategies for getting students involved and engaged in a lecture hall, our methods for assessing student learning from the library activities, and results of our assessment.