LOEX Conference Proceedings 2012

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Salads: Reaching Diverse Populations

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Librarians strive to address the information needs of diverse populations. At East Carolina University's Joyner Library, we are collaborating with Project STEPP to improve our information literacy services for students with multiple learning disabilities. Project STEPP (Supporting Transition and Education through Planning Partnerships) is an innovative program that offers comprehensive academic, social and life-skills support to a select number of students with learning disabilities who have shown the potential to succeed at the college level. In Fall 2011, Project STEPP relocated to a space with office areas and study rooms in Joyner Library. Our collaboration began with a survey of enrolled STEPP students that included questions about library use. Building from the survey, we began designing a program of instruction and outcomes assessment for the ten incoming first year students.

Our involvement with the students includes three instructions sessions, a library tour, assignment to a personal librarian, and research consultations. Each student was assigned to one of three personal librarians with whom research consultations were scheduled. The students were encouraged to contact their personal librarian as needed for research assistance. The students attended a library instruction session with their first semester English class. We are using multiple assessment techniques to measure the program’s impact on student learning outcomes.

The presentation will cover assessment findings from pre & post-tests, weekly journal entries kept by students, and videotaped interviews with the students reflecting on their experiences. We will discuss our experiences, successes, failures, and future plans.