McNair Scholars Research Journal


Tierra Tresvant


The implications for critical race theory in public education has received much political discussion and debate. Many elected officials and lobbyists for and against policy reforms have vehemently engaged the subject matter. Despite this intense debate, politicians and citizens do not have a clear understanding of the origins and content of critical race theory. This research addresses the shortfall by tracking critical race theory at pivotal points, beginning with its introduction in the field of legal studies to its recent emergence in common education policy discourse. Additionally, it aggregates data about the laws and directives that have been introduced by federal, state, and local policymakers’ impacting educators’ capacity to talk about issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the classrooms. This paper concludes by discussing the emerging implications which are seeming to have high stake consequences for teachers, schools, and the American education system. It also suggests how future discussions may engage the conversation in a more meaningful way.