McNair Scholars Research Journal


Engine dynamometers are test systems used to evaluate internal combustion engine performance and conduct research. Currently, a new engine dynamometer system is under construction in the Energy Systems Laboratory at Eastern Michigan University (EMU), located at the Game- Above College of Technology – which will be operating using a modified production 3-cylinder 1.0L Ford engine. My role in this project was to as- sist in the design, construction, and validation of various customized com- ponents in the engine dynamometer system, including exhaust ventilation, air intake, fueling, and electrical components. These components were constructed with the tools found in the laboratory and using several man- ufacturing and engineering principles along with it. These components needed to be installed before any tests could be run with the engine dyna- mometer. Next phases of the project will include (1) determining baseline performance both when motoring and firing and (2) determining engine performance and system operating limits for various operating parameters including power, torque, and coolant and oil temperatures.