McNair Scholars Research Journal


This project investigated a multiple measurement procedure to assess conditioned flavor aversions (CFA) and conditioned flavor preferences (CFP) in male albino rats. Volume consumed is currently the most common and often the sole method used. Most studies employ group designs, whereas this study used a single-subject design to compare behavior patters and responses between individual rats. Response measurements include: total licks, lick rate, lick patterns, volume (ml) consumed, volume (ml) per lick. Strong CFA showed consistent decreases in total licks, lick rate, total volume, ad volume per lick. CFP was evident, although not consistent, in total licks, lick rate, total volume (ml), and volume (ml) per lick. Volume per lick measurement in CFP revealed that three of the four rats drank more per lick on the posttest flavor day after training. This measure may be a good indicator of CFP. This study provides normative data for evaluating the effects of drugs on neurotransmitters that modulate CFA and CFP.