McNair Scholars Research Journal


The number of same-sex couples who are parents has increased dramatically in the last decade (Goldberg & Kinkler 2011). Data from the U.S. Census indicates that approximately 1 in 5 same-sex male couples and 1 in 3 same-sex female couples are raising children (Goldberg & Kinkler, 2011), and many other gays and lesbians are hoping and/or waiting to adopt. This study examines selected online profiles of same-sex couples hoping to adopt. Specifically, I am interested in analyzing how these couples portray themselves online to appeal to pregnant women seeking adoptive families. Same-sex couples must find the means to address the stigmas and stereotypes against gays and lesbians adopting, as well as compete with and stand out from the numerous heterosexual couples also hoping to adopt. This research examines specific communication strategies used by same-sex couples to depict themselves as excellent future parents.