McNair Scholars Research Journal


The study of common greenhouse gases such as Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Methane (CH4) is important because the concentration can be linked to added absorption of emitted terrestrial radiation, leading to the warming of the atmosphere1. This research measures the concentrations of common greenhouse gases in the air surrounding Eastern Michigan University. The development of an auto-sampler system for long term use on the EMU campus will create a viable way to monitor greenhouse gas concentrations throughout the year. Samples were analyzed using an Agilent 6890 Gas Chromatograph and a Valco Industries Thermal Conductivity Detector fitted with a Restek 5A Molsieve column (part # 80440- 800) and a Varian poraPLOT column (part# CP7550) for proper molecular separation. Molecular data analysis is plotted using Peaksimple software by SRI Systems from Torrance, Ca. Although the experiment is ongoing, preliminary data suggest this methodology could be used to detect atmospheric methane.