McNair Scholars Research Journal


We are in a time of globalization, and as a result there is a “rapid growth in trade, financial transactions, and cross country ownership” of assets (Tengblad & Ohlsson, 2010, p. 653). As globalization has increased, the number of companies in different industries using corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities has grown. Increasingly, companies are communicating their activities through CSR reports that outline corporate initiatives to access and take responsibility for the company’s effect on the global environment and its impact on social welfare. In this paper, we examined how a globalized economy affects Environmental, Social, Governance, and Total CSR rankings in six regions: (1) North America, (2) South America, (3) Latin America, (4) Asia- Pacific, (5) Africa, and (6) Europe. We collected CSR scores using Sustainalytics Global Platform (SGP) data for each region. Then we compared differences in Environmental, Social, Governance, and Total CSR scores between the regions. The results of the statistical analysis show that Africa and Europe consistently had the highest CSR scores, while Latin America and Asia-Pacific had the lowest.