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Download Language Learning in an Era of Ubiquitous Computing: Pedagogy, Students, and Teachers by Greg Kessler (931 KB)

Download Working with English Language Learners with Special Needs by Li-Rong Lilly Cheng (157 KB)

Download Extensive Listening in a Self-access Learning Environment by Doreen Ewert and Rebecca Mahan (226 KB)

Download Slang in the ESL Classroom by Kristin Jatklowski Homuth and Allison Piippo (300 KB)

Download Grammaring Along: Teaching Grammatical Bundles through Song (223 KB)

Download Teaching Shakespeare to ELLs to Develop Fluency by Mary Beth Pickett (172 KB)

Download Using Creative Writing as a Bridge to Enhance Academic Writing by Patrick T. Randolph (193 KB)

Download Using Controlled and Guided Practice as an Instructional Writing Strategy in Academic Strategy in Academic by Elizabeth Wojtowycz (148 KB)



Publication Date



Michigan Teachers of English Speakers of Other Languages


Ann Arbor

<i>“New Horizons: Striding into the Future”</i>: Selected Proceedings of the 2011 Michigan Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Conference, October 7- 8, 2011



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