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On October 1, 2022, students from the EMU Archives and Oral History Program recorded stories of EMU students past and present. Using the EMU Aerie, the Archives’ mobile oral history recording booth, student oral historians captured the formative experiences and perspectives of EMU alums from a variety of campus eras. Here, Dale Leslie (class of 1970) recounts his journey to EMU and pledging to the Theta Chi Fraternity upon arrival. Leslie credits the female to male ratio as one of the drivers of his attending the school, and the quality of instructors he found once on campus. Leslie also speaks of the cultural shifts at play on college campuses on the late 1960s and early 1970s, the evolution of digital film, and the importance of the lifelong friendships made in college.

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Eastern Michigan University, EMU Archives, EMU Oral History Program, Homecoming, Athletics

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Dale Leslie, Interview, 2022