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On October 1, 2022, students from the EMU Archives and Oral History Program recorded stories of EMU students past and present. Using the EMU Aerie, the Archives’ mobile oral history recording booth, student oral historians captured the formative experiences and perspectives of EMU alums from a variety of campus eras. Here, alum Ratzloff (class of 2008) describes his first experiences on campus, including campus orientation with the Women’s Swim Team. Ratzloff also remembers his mentors in the Computer Science Department, notably Gregory Peoples, Benjamin Keller, Judy Sturgis-Hill and Susan Haynes. Ratzloff also praises the university’s belief that a degree should be earned, not freely given once tuition is paid.

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Eastern Michigan University, EMU Archives, EMU Oral History Program, Homecoming, Athletics

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James Ratzloff, Interview, 2022