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Bob Beaugrand, brother of fellow Arm of Honor, Michael Beaugrand, wa an active member of the Arm of Honor Fraternity from 1986 until 1990. Beaugrand details his upbringing in the Ypsilanti area and the origins of the moniker "YpsiTucky." Grandson of the first female foreman at the Ford Motor Company, Ramona Bullet, Bob Beaugrand found the Arm of Honor following serving in the US Armed Forces and deciding that the military was not the future he wanted. Beaugrand describes his closer friends in the fraternity, the philanthropic nature of Arm parties, rivalries with Theta Chi and other fraternities, and the importance of a strong and responsible alumni chapter. Beaugrand also details the purchase of the Arm house following the fraternity's expulsion from campus 2015, and the renovations done by he and his brother Michael to get the house back up to code.

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