Publication Date




Section 1 Proposed Minutes of the June 27, 2017 General Board Meeting


Section 2 Staff Appointments

Section 3 Staff Separations/Retirements

Section 4 Emeritus Staff Recommendations

Section 5 Emeritus Faculty Recommendations

Section 6 Honorary Emeritus Status for Meritorious Service

Section 7 Academic Affairs Administrative Professional Appointments/Transfers

Section 8 Faculty Appointments

Section 9 Lecturer Appointments

Section 10 Academic Retirements/Separations


Student Affairs Committee

Section 11 Report and Minutes

Athletic Affairs Committee

Section 12 Report and Minutes

Section 13 Employment Contract: Women’s Gymnastics Coach – Katherine Minasola

Faculty Affairs Committee

Section 14 Report and Minutes

Educational Policies Committee

Section 15 Report and Minutes

Section 16 Appointment of Charter Schools Board Member

Section 17 Commencement Speaker and Honorary Degree Recipient

Section 18 New Program: Electrical and Computer Engineering Major, Bachelor of Science

Section 19 Update to 2018-19 Academic Calendar

Finance and Investment Committee

Section 20 Report and Minutes

Section 21 Consolidated Financial Statements (June 30, 2017)

Section 22 FY19 General Fund Scholarships, Awards, and Grants Request

Section 23 FY19 State of Michigan Capital Outlay


Tab A Updated Policy: 8.4.3: Student Organization Free Speech and Speaker Policy

Tab B Updated Policy: Emeritus Staff

Tab C Updated Policy: 3.7.7: Sexual Misconduct and Interpersonal Violence Policy

Tab D Approval of Part-Time Lecturers Contract

Tab E Grant of Non-Motorized Path Easement to Charter Township of Pittsfield and Grading Permit to Washtenaw County Road Commission

Tab F Resolutions: 2016-17 Cartwright Award for Program Excellence Cadet Travis Waters

Tab G Presentation: Presidential Scholars

Tab H President’s Report

Tab I Board of Regents Meeting Dates for 2018

Tab J Open Communications