Publication Date




Section 1 Proposed Minutes of the October 20, 2017 General Board Meeting


Section 2 Staff Appointments

Section 3 Staff Separations/Retirements

Section 4 Emeritus Staff Recommendations

Section 5 Emeritus Faculty Recommendations


Student Affairs Committee

Section 6 Report and Minutes

Athletic Affairs Committee

Section 7 Report and Minutes

Faculty Affairs Committee – Meeting Canceled

Section 8 Report and Minutes

Educational Policies Committee

Section 9 Report and Minutes

Section 10 Appointment of Charter Schools Board Members

Section 11 New Academic Program: Information Technology Major, Bachelor of Science

Section 12 James H. Brickley Endowment for Faculty Professional Development and Innovation 2017 Award Winners Finance and Investment Committee

Section 13 Report and Minutes

Section 14 FY19 Room and Board, Apartment Rates

Section 15 Eastern Michigan University Foundation Financial Reports (June 30, 2017)

Section 16 Amendment to Parking Ordnance

Section 17 Parking Concessionaire Agreement

Section 18 Approval of Capital Projects


Tab A Presentation: President’s Commission on Diversity and Inclusion

Tab B Updated Policies:

Section 6.1.1: Degrees, Certificates and Requirements for Graduation

Section 6.1.2: General Curricular Requirements

Section Undergraduate Grades and Academic Progress

Section Undergraduate Drops and Withdrawals from Courses

Section Undergraduate Total Withdrawals from all Courses

Section Undergraduate Academic Standing

Section Continuing Education Division (deletion)

Section Continuing Education Units

Section In-Service Courses (deletion)

Section 8.1: Student Conduct Code and Judicial Structure

Section 8.3: Prohibition Against Discrimination on the Basis of Disability

Section 9.3.1: Public Act of 1967

Section 9.3.2: Traffic and Parking Regulations

Section 9.3.3: Vehicle Registration (deletion)

Section 9.3.4: Parking Rates (deletion)

Section 9.3.5: Parking and Pedestrian Ordinance (deletion)

Section 9.3.6: List of Other References to Traffic and Parking

Section 12.1.11: Registration Fee

Section 12.1.12: Late Registration Fee

Section 12.2.3: Charges for Transcripts of Credits

Tab C Election of Eagle Administrative Services Board Member

Tab D Officer Bylaw Amendment

Tab E Election of Officers

Tab F Resolution: Women’s Cross Country MAC Champions

Tab G Resolution: Men’s Cross Country MAC Champions

Tab H Resolution: Linda Yohn - WEMU

Tab I Resolution: Early College Alliance - 10 Year Anniversary

Tab J President’s Report