Publication Date



  • Proposed Minutes of the June 18, 2020 General Board Meeting

Consent Agenda

  • Staff Appointments
  • Staff Separations/Retirements
  • Emeritus Staff Recommendations
  • Emeritus Faculty Recommendations
  • Academic Affairs Administrative/Professional Transfers
  • Academic Retirements/Separations
  • Faculty Appointments

Regular Agenda

Educational Policies Committee

  • Report and Minutes
  • Reappointment of Charter School Board Members

Finance and Investment Committee

  • Report and Minutes
  • FY20 Financial Statements (June 30, 2020)
  • FY22 General Fund Scholarships, Awards, and Grants Request
  • FY22 Five-Year Capital Outlay Plan

New Business and Presentations

  • Presentation: COVID-19 Response by the Physical Plant
  • Resolution: Women's Indoor Track and Field MAC Champions
  • Resolution: 50th Anniversary of SOS Community Services
  • President's Report