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Hi! I’m Francisco. I’m eight years old, and I was born in Nebaj. I live with my grandma and a total of 30 souls: eight people, five dogs, four cats, one bird, a pig, three hens, two roosters, two ducks, and five chicks. The eight people living with my grandma and me are my aunt, my uncle, my sister, my brother, and my mom. I never had the chance to meet my dad because my mom says that he died when I was just a baby, and we miss him a lot. Now let me tell you what my life is like from when I wake up in the morning until night.

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Writing, Translation and Editing Team: Pedro Caba Mendoza, Juan Romeo Guzaro Luis, Domingo Abraham Cedillo de Paz, Sherrel Rieger, María Luz García

Photographs: Juan Romo Guzaro Luis, Heather K. Teague

Design: Holly Schoenfield

Licensed under CC BY-NC-NC/4.0.

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Saach B'a'x ta'n Naj La's / Chamuscas con Francisco / A Soccer Game with Francisco