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This book is an artistic creation with multiple influences. Many different people throughout the Ixil area tell the story of the king’s daughter and her beloved who turns into a hummingbird, and this story appears in many books and essays about the region. Each version is a bit different from the next. The tasks that the king asks the boyfriend to perform, the level of detail, and where the story begins or ends are different in different versions. However, the basic structure of a king’s daughter and a young man who fall in love, the disapproval of the king, and the boyfriend turning into a hummingbird until his trick is discovered by the king who then chases him are consistent. In this book, we are not trying to propose one version of the story that is “true” or “authentic” since each one of these versions has its own history. The version that we share here is the one that was told by Juan Guzaro to his son, Xhun (Juan Romeo Guzaro de Luis). Xhun wrote down the story as he remembered it and worked with Domingo Abraham Cedillo de Paz, an Ixil speaker with training in Ixil linguistics, to produce the best written version.

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Writing, Translation and Editing Team: Juan Guzaro Matom, Juan Romeo Guzaro Luis, Domingo Abraham Cedillo de Paz, Sherrel Rieger, María Luz García

Illustrations: Jogendro Kshetrimayum

Design: Jiteshwar Kshetrimayum, Holly Schoenfield

Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.

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U B'ooq'ol Tenam tuk' Vime'al / El Rey y su Hija / The King and His Daughter