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Boxbol (pronounced as boshe-bowl) is a favorite food in the Ixil Maya area of Guatemala. It is made from the leaves of chayote squash and corn dough and topped with a chili tomato sauce and a sauce made from roasted squash seeds. It is so beloved that many Guatemalans think of it as a national dish of Guatemala. In the pages that follow, a team from Nebaj, Guatemala, the largest city in the Ixil area, explains how they make boxbol. They explain first in Ixil, the language spoken by most people in the Ixil area, then in Spanish, and then in English.

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Writing, Translation and Editing Team: María Cedillo Matom, Feliciana Cedillo Matom, Cecilia Marcos Ceto, Petrona Marcos, Marta Sánchez de León, Tomás Bernal de Paz Juan Romeo Guzaro Luis, Domingo Abraham Cedillo de Paz, Sherrel Rieger, María Luz García.

Photographs: Heather K. Tegue

Design: Holly Schoenfield

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