The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at EMU


Myung-sook Koh's contribution to this volume wrestles with an important issue in teacher education. Teacher education students at Eastern Michigan University get very little, if any, experience teaching in urban schools; furthermore, students not majoring in special education rarely gain direct experience working with this population, although the inclusive classrooms they will face as teachers likely will present them with special education students. This chapter details Myung-sook's work in getting her students into inner city schools as part of their field experience as preservice teachers, and examines student reactions to this important activity.

As the core of this project, of course, is listening to students. Myung-sook Koh's work reminds us that if our ultimate goal is to affect student learning and help students grow, the best approach is to listen to the students tell us what they have learned, and how they have grown. This paper does an especially strong job in expressing student learning in the student's voice.