The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at EMU


Pamela Walsh is a relatively new faculty member at Eastern Michigan University, teaching health administration. This chapter details the adjustments she made in one of her courses, Legal Issues in Health Care, the second time she taught it; the chapter also discusses adjustments Pam plans to make in the future. Pam's work concentrates most heavily on the implementation of case studies and threaded discussions, and the ways in which both of these pedagogical innovations worked and the ways in which they did not live up to their promise.

What Pam has done here is to provide a valuable service for people working out the kinks in a new course and trying to prefect it. She walks the reader through her thought process in exploring these teaching innovations, and also skillfully uses data to assess how well each innovation worked (from her own perspective and from the perspective of her students). It serves as a useful reminder to all of us that pedagogical innovations work best when they are frequently assessed; it also demonstrates, yet again, the potentially powerful role the student voice has in informing our teaching practices.