Elton Rynearson, Farewell Address, 1963


Elton Rynearson, Farewell Address, 1963


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Elton Rynearson attended Michigan State Normal College from 1910-1914, and later, as a coach, led MSNC athletics to the most successful years in the history of Eastern Michigan University. In this informal farewell speech given at a retirement party for Rynearson and Lloyd Olds in 1963, Rynearson looks back over his time at EMU, sharing anecdotes of the influential professors and coaches of the school, during his time as a student and coach.

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College football, track and field, Elton Rynearson, Lloyd Olds, physical education, Wilbur Bowen, Egbert Isbel, E.K. Warren Featherbone Company, Three Oaks

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Elton Rynearson, Farewell Address, 1963