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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)

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Technology Studies

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Shinming Shyu, PhD

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Jiang Lu, PhD,

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Anne Bednar, EdD

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Deb de Laski-Smith, PhD


Different strategies that have the capability of encouraging creative and innovative thought need to be evaluated by traditional literature review methodology. This study designed a four-part course to better teach creativity and innovation through design by using two principle questions. (a) What learning models are most effective at teaching creativity and innovation? (b) What teaching strategies are most effective at teaching creativity and innovation? The spectrum of research on creativity and innovation revealed four principles: fostering mastery of a discipline, reducing internal barriers, encouraging people to have divergent thinking, and crossing over disciplines can make new ideas emerge.Using the above principles and those of evidence-based design, the researcher constructed a four-model course that could be used to teach undergraduate interior design students to use these strategies as their work to make unique design decisions.