Preeto Arya

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Open Access Dissertation

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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College of Engineering and Technology

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Subhas Ghosh, PhD

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Vijay Mannari, PhD

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Suleiman Ashur, PhD

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Wade Tornquist, PhD


This study aims to develop and evaluate the wrinkle recovery performance of cotton and linen fabrics after treating them with an appropriate combination of mono and dicarboxylic acids in the presence of ingredients like an initiator and a catalyst. Therefore, an experimental study was developed with a 2x3x3 factorial design with the acid combination, pΗ, and concentration as the independent variables to help investigate the effects on wrinkle recovery angle, wrinkle recovery appearance rating, and carboxyl group content of the treated fabric samples. The data were analyzed based on the percent weight gain of treated samples, carboxyl ‘n’ group content, FTIR spectrum, wrinkle recovery angle and wrinkle recovery appearance rating. The results were significant for both the fabric textiles, however, the performance of treated cotton fabric was better than that of treated linen fabric in this study. In order to evaluate the wash durability of the finish applied, the treated samples were laundered for 20 cycles. The wrinkle recovery property significantly increased due to the application of the finish for both cotton and linen fabric samples. The use of the finish will lead to less ironing, and washing, which leads to positive environmental impacts with a reduced loss of energy. Furthermore, this finish is non-toxic, setting it apart from the existing finish treatment used in the industry.