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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts (MA)

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English Language and Literature

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Ian Wojcik-Andrews

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Sheila Most


The intention of my critical discourse is to redefine the knowledge of the feminine that Western tradition, through “master narratives,” silenced, subverted, and deferred. My guidelines were drawn from the deconstruction of philosophical works by Jacques Derrida and redefined the unique circle of “Being and beings” to be not just God and man, but God, Goddess, and Human, the Goddess being the original feminine. I discovered the feminine beginning, through archaeomythologists Gimbutas, Dever, and Davis-Kimball, with the unearthing of female figurines, temple models, and warrior priestesses. I found examples of the feminine survival through the Dark Ages in Lithuanian Dainos and folktales “Queen of the Serpents,” “Ashputtle,” and “The White Cat.” In the eighteenth, nineteenth, and early twentieth centuries, the feminine is redefined through female writers like Edgeworth, Potter, and Woolf. I culminate my journey with the patriarchal feminine redefined through the fantasy film animation of Miyazaki and the “stark realism” fantasy of Pullman’s trilogy His Dark Materials, which taught the heroine to tell her “true stories.”