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Master of Science (MS)

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Ellen Koch, Ph. D., Committee Chair

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Flora Hoodin, Ph.D

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Tamara Loverich, Ph.D


Current research suggests that anxiety disorders may be associated with sexual dysfunction. This increased risk may carry important implications given the detrimental effect sexual dysfunction has been shown to have on quality of life in a variety of populations. However, no studies have examined the impact of sexual dysfunction on quality of life among anxiety disorder patients. Thus, in this study, participants were asked to complete questionnaires measuring quality of life, sexual functioning, and mental health. The data were used to compare quality of life between patients reporting sexual dysfunction and those reporting normal sexual functioning. Additionally, data were analyzed to explore the relationship between sexual dysfunction and other psychological factors. The results showed that, while overall sexual functioning was not significantly related to quality of life, specific areas of sexual functioning were correlated. The impact of these findings on the assessment and treatment of anxiety disorder patients will be discussed.

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