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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Special Education

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Brenda Doster, Ph.D. Chair

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Gilbert Stiefel, Ph.D.


The benefits of Frequency Modulation (FM) amplification usage among school-aged children is widely researched and established. The benefits provided from FM systems for students with a hearing impairment (HI) would suggest that consistent usage among these students would be high. However, interactions with various-aged HI students and their teachers have shown the opposite: there appears to be a lack of consistent usage. Previous research has looked at what influences people with a hearing loss not to wear their hearing aids. Research investigating reasons why FM systems are not used is limited. There are well-known benefits of FM usage among those with hearing loss. This leads to the question why those with hearing loss are not using their equipment consistently. This is the basis for the following qualitative research that surveys students with hearing impairments, their parents, and various staff to examine the phenomenon.