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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)

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Karen Saules, PhD, Chair

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Michelle Byrd, PhD

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Amy Young, PhD


Personality disorders are associated with Pathological Gambling (PG) among adults. Little is known, however, about these symptoms in college-student gamblers. In addition, little is known about the current prevalence or treatment preferences of college gamblers. An online survey of gambling practices and personality characteristics was conducted, as well as a series of focus groups evaluating a web-based gambling treatment program. A higher prevalence of PG was observed among college students than previously reported. College students with PG displayed similar personality disorder symptoms to those observed among adults with PG. Students preferred free or reduced cost treatment. Focus group participants provided favorable reviews of the web-based PG program. However, few students who met the PG criteria regarded their behavior as problematic. Results suggest that PG may be becoming more prevalent on college campuses, and Internet-based treatment may be a viable treatment option, particularly that which includes attention to personality disorder symptoms.

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