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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)

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Health Promotion and Human Performance

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Joan Cowdery, PhD, Chair

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Christine Karshin, PhD


This study is an assessment of customer’s attitudes, influences of subjective norms, and behavioral intention regarding exposure to secondhand smoke and smoke free policy at a small family owned and operated restaurant. Research questions address relationships between customer attitudes and smoke free policy as well as likelihood of customers supporting a smoke free policy in an establishment where there is currently no law that prohibits smoking. Methodology included a voluntary self administered survey questionnaire given to a convenience sample of patrons who were dining out. The results show; (a) a significant relationship between attitude about second hand smoke and choosing to sit in a non-smoking section while eating out and (b) evidence that the majority of the participants are in favor of a smoke free policy. Much work still needs to be done on voluntary smoke free policy. These findings support current research about customer attitudes regarding smoke free policy as well as show great promise that customers would most likely support a voluntary smoke free policy at this restaurant.