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Steven Pernecky, PhD, chair

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Daniel Clemans, PhD

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Gavin Edwards, PhD


Probiotic bacteria in the human colon that produce C2 – C4 short chain fatty acids (SCFA) and Lactobacillus species that produce lactate in addition to SCFAs are known to have positive health benefits. These organic acids were extracted with ether from murine cecal material (from Dr. Gary Huffnagle, Univ. of Mich.) and derivatized for quantitative measurement by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Antibiotic-treated animals gavaged with Candidaalbicans had a lower level of cecal butyrate relative to untreated animals, but a higher level of butyrate when treated mice were also administered Lactobacillus johnsonii NF-1. More recent studies have demonstrated a butyrate-lowering effect of antibiotic-/C. albicans treatment relative to antibiotic or C. albicans treatment alone, but a corresponding increase in the level of lactate. It is proposed that the steady state levels of small organic acids provide a marker of human health and disease.

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