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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)

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Health Sciences

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Irwin Martin, PhD, Chair

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Joseph A Scazzero, PhD

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Jan L Hewett, BSN, JD


The number of clinical research investigators whom the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has disqualified or totally restricted has been increasing since 1964. In addition, several public polls and surveys indicate a major dilemma in clinical trial participation and public perceptions of clinical research. This research investigates how clinical investigator fraud or misconduct influences public perceptions of participation in clinical trials. To meet this challenge, a welldesigned electronic survey was developed for the faculty at Eastern Michigan University (EMU). The survey results indicate that 79% of respondents were ―very likely‖ to be influenced by fraud committed by their own physicians. However, when the fraud has been committed at a hospital elsewhere, only approximately 20% of respondents reported that they were ―very likely‖ to be influenced. These results, however, reflect only a select group of people. Further studies on larger populations are recommended to learn about the impact of investigator fraud on patient recruitment.


Additional committee member: Kevin Ketels, MS