Aimee Rzepka

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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)

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Technology Studies

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Subhas Ghosh, PhD, Chair

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Professor Julie Becker, Committee Member


This study exposes the problems women face in the ready to wear (RTW) apparel sizing system and also investigates the idea that 3D body scanning technology can be used to eliminate ill-fitting apparel for consumers, in this case denim pants (jeans). In order to investigate why consumers have not yet adopted this technology, a survey was conducted using principles from the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) to understand the motivations of females aged 18-35 towards adopting this new technology. Two hypotheses were formed: non-adoption is caused by hedonic motivation, or non-adoption is caused by utilitarian motivations. It can be concluded from the study that consumers are more hedonically motivated towards adoption of fashion products and demonstrate a willingness to adopt three-dimensional body scanning technology for better fitting jeans.