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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)

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Technology Studies

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Dr. Subhas Ghosh, Phd, Chair.

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Dr. Robert Teehan

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Dr. Alphonso Bellamy


This research explores the perceptions of medical professionals towards sustainability orientation and acceptability of eco-friendly medical scrubs. This study examines the correlation between sustainability orientation and scrub properties as a means of finding the perceptions of medical professionals on the mentioned topic. Also, gender, department of medical professional, their age and work experience, and the price of the eco-friendly scrubs were considered as factors affecting the correlation. This study included surveying the medical professionals who used scrubs as uniforms, by distributing questionnaires and analyzing responses using SPSS. Results showed that as sustainability orientation increases, medical professionals give less importance to properties of scrubs. Gender and department of hospital they work in affects the correlation. Professionals with greater age and work experience are more sustainably oriented with greater acceptability of eco-friendly scrubs. And the majority of the medical professionals who participated in the study agreed to pay a higher price for the eco-friendly medical scrubs.


Additional committee member: Prof. John Boyless, Director, College of Techonology