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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Communication, Media and Theatre Arts

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Tsai-Shan Shen, Ph.D

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Raymond Quiel, Ph.D

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Judy Sturgis-Hill


This communication study explores the relationship between self-concept and life satisfaction of single women and examines, through the use of interviews, how these two factors are connected. This study aims to gain perspective of why women remain single, what pressures single women face, and how a woman’s life satisfaction and self-concept are affected by being single. Results showed that women remain single for a variety of reasons and while women feel pressure from family, friends, and media about their singlehood, the majority of the pressure is internal and indicated that women need a romantic relationship that will eventually lead to marriage to be satisfied with their life. It was found that the lower the self-concept a woman has, the more dissatisfied she will be if she remains single, and the higher the self-concept a woman has, the more satisfied she will be if she remains single.

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