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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)

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Engineering Technology

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Shinming Shyu, Ph.D., Chair

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Jiang Lu, Ph.D.

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Ryan Cowmeadow, LMSW


This study intends to investigate the stress experienced by the elderly during the relocation process. Relocation stress syndrome occurs when a senior is moved from a familiar environment to an unfamiliar environment. The shock of the transition causes medical conditions to worsen, which can result in serious illness, possibly death. "Moving to a nursing home entails a complete lifestyle change, the trauma of which is compounded when the patient is ill or in pain and the move is unanticipated" (Morse, 2000, p. 24AAA). I have researched reasons why seniors relocate to long-term care facilities in order to better understand the occurrence of relocation stress syndrome. By identifying environmental factors that can be modified to alleviate relocation stress syndrome, the risk should be lessened. Strategies such as encouraging independence and autonomy, providing privacy, maintaining lifestyle, increasing indoor environmental quality, and creating a healing environment will be examined.