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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)

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Engineering Technology

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John Texter, PhD, Chair

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Weidian Shen, PhD


In chapter one, we describe our studies of the solubility properties of two biocides in F127 aqueous solutions. One is zinc omadine and the other is C9211. The partition coefficients of these two biocides were also determined from the analytical results.

In chapter two, we conducted phase related studies of a triblock copolymer, PEO400- PBO55-PEO400 in aqueous solution. The phase diagram features of PEO400-PBO55-PEO400 in water are compared with those of F127. We believe the lack of a lower gel to liquid transition boundary in this system is because of the relatively longer PEO segments relative to the PBO segment.

In chapter three, we successfully prepared and characterized a polymerizable macromonomer, PEG-PS-DVB. A preliminary application of the polymer was investigated and nanoparticles were prepared by microemulsion polymerization. According to the characterizations, the nanoparticles have crosslinked cores and could be used as “inorganic free” nanofluid. No apparent thermoreversible behaviors were observed for these nanoparticles in water.