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Open Access Thesis

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Technology and Professional Services Management

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Susan Gregory, Chair, EdD,

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Polly Buchanan, PhD, RD

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John G Cooper, PhD


Employment interviews are designed to judge the qualifications and desirability of a candidate for a job. Research shows that interviews are incredibly important in getting the right job. A study conducted by the Bureau of National Affairs pinpointed the most important factors in hiring applicants, with employment interviews being the single most important factor in getting a job (Elfner, 2006). Hospitality firms are placing greater emphasis on the ability of graduates to fit within their businesses (Pittaway & Thedham, 2005). Even though qualifications and skills are vital for selection, candidates should know how to set themselves apart from other candidates in interviews, and this can only be accomplished through thoughtful interview preparation (Chastain, 2002). The purpose of this study was to familiarize hospitality students and graduates of high schools, community colleges, and universities with the pre-interview preparation process. As a result of this qualitative action research, a practical video guide, titled You’re Hired, was developed with appropriate handouts.