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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)

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Technology Studies

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Subhas Ghosh, PhD., Chair

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Julie Becker, M.S.


This study provides insight and understanding into the artists who use knit as a medium to create art. In a historical context, knitting has had very specific purposes. Gradually, knits and knitting played an important role in a political sense at various points in history. Handcrafts in general surface as the focal point in several art movements. Knitting was included in only scant amounts within these art movements. The reasons for this are explored and illuminated in this thesis. I provide specific examples of contemporary artists who utilize knit materials as a medium, focusing on four pieces of artwork: City of Stitches (2003) by Isabel Berglund, Knitting with Loaded Shotguns (Safeties Off) (2008; 2010) by Dave Cole, Cunty First (2008) by Lisa Anne Auerbach, and Weighed Down (2006) by Lindsay Obermeyer.